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How can I tell if my loved one has Alzheimer's?

Should one become aware of noticeable changes in a loved one or oneself that affect memory, reasoning and judgement, then it's advisable to see your doctor for an evaluation and diagnosis. Memory loss is a major symptom of Alzheimer's, but also can result from other diseases.

Is the disease genetic?

Genetics or heredity is a risk factor for developing the disease. Other risk factors include age and family history

How will my donation be used by your organization?

(a) Our primary goal is to inform and educate Caregivers by sponsoring periodic workshops and awareness group sessions. Part of your donation is used to provide refreshment or lunches for attendees.
(b) Your donations also help to provide respite for Caregivers who need a break to relax, refresh, or just to go out and do necessary shopping for the loved ones with Alzheimer's.
(c) As with any other Not-for-profit organization, your gifts also help to cover operating cost.

Is there financial assistance available for helping with my change in financial resources?

In most cases, financial assistance is available where there are verifiable needs. Call or visit your local City office or State Representative office. Also, contact us by email and we can try to point you to possible sources of help.

How can I protect our real estate assets in the event my spouse has to be in a nursing home?

Asset protection, financial and legal planning are the work of various experts, hence it is advisable to consult with an Elder Law Attorney to put plans in place. The sooner the better.

Can I get help to care for my loved one when I am out on errands?

Our goal is to help provide short-term respite as long as financial resources are available.